Wednesday, August 08, 2012

  1. Roasted Semiya/vermicelli--1 cup
  2. cashew nuts--15
  3. Milk --4 cups
  4. Green cardamom powder--1/4  tsp
  5. 2-3 tbsps sago/sabhudana/saggu biyyam (optional)
  6. Sugar--1/2  cup to 3/4 cup(depends on your taste)
  7. Raisins or kissmiss or dry fruits--1 tsp
  8. ghee-2 tsp

How to prepare Semiya Payasam or  Vermicelli Kheer:

  • In a pan, add little ghee and roast vermicelli and keep it aside.
  • In the same pan, heat some more ghee and fry cashewnuts and raisins or dry fruits separately and keep it aside.
  • Take  another cooking vessel, add  4 cups milk and add saggu biyyam and cook for 15 mins on a low flame,.
  • now add roasted Vermicell in boiling milk and stirring occasionally.Let it cook completely.
  • after vermicelli and saggubiyyam become soft,add suger.and let it slowly cook an slow flame for about 8  to 10 minutes.stirring occasionally.
  • Now add cardamom powder and garnish  with cashew nuts and raisins or dry fruits.
  • can be served hot

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The fruit papaya has natural healing enzymes. Papaya gently remove dead skin,the fruit papaya deep cleanses skin removing make-up, dirt & surface oil.The fruit act as a natural peeling agent.The fruit papaya clears clogged pores & helps control formation of black/white heads.Leaves skin fresh & younger looking .

 softening Face mask& help in removing pimple scars:

The below mentioned face mask helps in softening face and helps in removing pimples scars
  1. Fully ripen papaya paste --1 tsp
  2. honey --2 drops
  3. Little amount of  milk cream 
Apply on face,leave it  for 15 min,after that wash it with water.

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